This adventure starts over ten years ago, with me standing in the wine aisle, entirely overwhelmed by all the choices. I was new to wine and didn’t speak the foreign language of experienced wine drinkers and makers. I had no idea what flinty, barnyard, or bright tasted like. All I was looking for was something to go with pasta. I tried to read the labels, but they either described the wine in lengthy paragraphs; that I didn’t understand, or they told about the vineyard and winery. I didn’t need to know about the winemakers dog. I simpley needed it to say “I am a pasta wine.” Since then, I can say that I know substantially more about wine, but the big problem is that there still isn’t an easy way to pair wine with food. That’s why, with my husbands encouragement, I started Uvae. The new way to identity wines. A single tag that pairs wine with food.

After labeling and testing for couple of years, we have found that Uvae goes beyond helping the consumers pick a wine. It is also helping small wineries stand out in a sea of wines. It isn’t just a label saying “I am pasta wine.” It is a label that says “I am pasta wine. I know what you need. I understand you.” It is a label that removes the foreignness of wine and makes it approachable. It lets people know that the makers are people and wine is for everybody.

Our products include individualized bottle neck tags, the Food and Wine Pairing: A Quick Reference Guide booklet, and the Food and Wine Pairing Reference Poster.